Public Meeting Chester: The Truth about Academy Schools

I’ve done it again – agreed to speak at a public meeting I mean.

In Chester this evening on “The Truth about Academy Schools”. Wasn’t at all nervous until people started saying: “Rather me than you” 🙂 ?

It’s organised by Chester Trades Council and supported by trades unions ATL, NASUWT, NUT and UNISON. The venue is the Mollington Banastre Hotel, Parkgate Road Chester and if you need the post code for your Sat Nav it is CH1 6NN.6.30 p.m for 7.00-8.30

Everyone is welcome apparently, parents, teachers, school support staff, any interested parties…for those that keep an eye on such things it is quite a posh venue – with free parking and refreshments. And, (I’m told) some sort of facility for children. So not having a babysitter is no excuse, guys and gals. The flier says: meet representatives of the Trades Council, ATL, NASUWT, NUT and UNISON. And me. Speaking amongst other things as a member of the largest non-unionised work  force in the U.K. (mothers).

Would have liked to have done more research but since the slot is only fifteen minutes maximum one has to curtail it to a certain extent. In my head and in the background I’d been trying to find the main link between the push for academy schools and pressures on children in the early years. I think I found it in a very fat NASUWT report called ‘Academy Schools Case Unproven’. Legally speaking and to be very basic about it young people have far fewer human rights in academy schools.

Of course, for all those mums dads and carers out there – just remember parent power counts for a great deal and in fact, although we are often ignored the government has to think twice about their policies if we shout loud enough. So if you can join us this evening. If you can’t I’m publishing my speech on this blog later this week so you can tell me what you think via the comments box. Wish me luck, eh and tell your friends. Here is a link to a flier:

Chester Public Meeting The Truth about Academy Schools



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pat Gordon-Smith on March 14, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    I’ve emailed you some material regarding our local academy consultation which may be of use tonight or at some other time. Good luck.


    • Posted by Frances Laing on April 19, 2012 at 6:12 pm

      Hey there Pat so sorry to not have replied to you on this one yet. Will get back to it just that other half’s M.S relapse really really difficult. Bear with me hon.


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