Disabled People Fight Back against the Cuts. Campaign Meeting Dial House Chester tonight.

WEDNESDAY 27TH JULY, 6PM at DIAL HOUSE, HAMILTON PLACE, CHESTER. Union reps, carers and supporters of people with disabilities also welcome. Try to get your union to send a rep of you can. Also parents of children with disabilities. There will be at least one child at the meeting, it is early evening so if you don’t have a babysitter, bring your child along with some toys or something to do. No creche though but between us we’ll manage!: Too many disabled people are living in fear of coalition government cuts which threaten our independence, our care and our benefits. Government proposals will mean: …* the abolition of non-means tested benefits like Incapacity Benefit from April 2012 * the abolition of Disability Living Allowance from 2013 * strict policing of all benefit claims by privatised medical services (ATOS) who view all disabled people as potential criminals * cuts to support services from local authorities * cuts to housing provision * privatisation of the NHS. And all this is accompanied by a wave of attacks in the media. Government ministers try to smear disabled people claiming their rights as welfare cheats or drug addicts. It is time for disabled people themselves to make their voices heard in opposition to the cuts. There will be a meeting in Chester to start a campaign of protest here: WEDNESDAY 27TH JULY, 6PM at DIAL HOUSE, HAMILTON PLACE, CHESTER ALL DISABLED PEOPLE IN AND AROUND CHESTER ARE WELCOME TO COME AND HELP. ALSO CARERS. PERSONAL ASSISTANTS, PARENTS AND SUPPORTER


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