Shorefields Anti-Academy Protest hits Chester Tomorrow.

As yet, not many local people in Chester are aware of the involvement of the University of Chester in the drive to create Academy schools.

Since the University of Chester has been instrumental in propping up a pro-academy infrastructure in terms of, I believe, finance and training – protestors from Shorefields School are taking their protest to the streets of our city tomorrow. The final arrangements for the protest against Shorefields being taken over by Chester University are as follows:

Because of the difficulties involved in marching across Chester protestors will hand a petition in at the University between 11.30 and 12.00.

They will then travel across town by coach to give a petition to the Bishop of Chester at the Cathedral at approximately 12.30.

Parents, friends, trade unionists and anyone else wishing to support the protest are welcome to attend and show their solidarity. Judging from local press coverage – the community in and around Shorefields have campaigned long and hard against being turned into an academy. It seems vital to support this protest and hear what people on the ground have to say about it. Who knows, your school might be next:

See also: Protest at Shorefields to stop the school being turned into an academy 

And: Why we oppose academies (A briefing from the anti-academies alliance).


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