Early Day Motion 1532 launched at Westminster: Rethink Phonics/Reading Test for Young Children

And that all-important Early Day Motion on the Reading/Phonics Test for young children just appeared on the Westminster parliamentary site. Here is the ‘meat’ of it:

That this House endorses the views of many early years experts in calling for a rethink on the introduction of a phonics-based reading test for all 6 year olds; believes that phonics can play a crucial part in reading but that a simplistic exclusive focus on phonics can distort children’s learning and limit the breadth of their experience; believes that reading should be enjoyable and that children need to look for meaning as they read in order to develop fluency and understanding; and further believes that young children need to have highly trained teachers with an understanding of child development and that such teachers are best placed to identify children who are not reading at an appropriate level for their age and level of development through appropriate monitoring and observation.”

and here is the link: Parliamentary Early Day Motion: Phonics based Reading Test for Six (and five) Year Olds.

Please ask your own M.P. to sign it. And consider signing the international petition on the same theme:

International Petition: Say No to Phonics Based Reading Test for Young Children. http://www.gopetition.com/petition/42347.html


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