Teaching Unions unite to reject Phonics testing at six (and five) years

There is a great deal of news and not much time to tell it as the half-term holidays have started here. The Phonics test continues to make the news and here is a link to the latest article on the teaching unions and the ways in which they are resisting:  Teaching Unions reject Phonics Test. (by Helen Ward).

To sign the international petition against Phonics Testing follow this link:


Note Professor Colwyn Trevarthen’s comment on this petition:

“I am an expert on child development and learning. Children learn to communicate and want to share tasks and knowledge. Instruction in elements of language, out of (context of?F.L) creative and meaningful communication is forced labour that can break a child’s confidence. It might have some use for linguists at university. The government must try to understand and value the natural talents of young children and curb the urge to instruct and measure performance”.

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  1. Excellent news on the unions. And Colwyn Trevarthen an important supporter, whose lifelong work on close, learning relationships reveals that what we most need is a deep belief and trust in young children and their families as they grow and learn together, not endless ‘strategies’.


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