Experts demand end to phonics test in schools

Very interested to see this lengthy article in Nursery World which features the new international petition to end the reading test at six. See this link:

Experts demand end to Phonics test in schools

Professor Janet Moyles is quoted as having “criticised the (government’s reading test) consultation because, by asking what form the test should take, the questions assume that respondents want the test, rather than asking if such a test should be introduced. She said it was unclear how the Government intended the reading test to be carried out, and there had been some suggestion that nonsense words would be used to test phonics. She warned that ‘a meaningless phonics test’ would also turn children off reading.

‘Children love stories. We’re not against phonics per se, but phonics is not the only way children learn to read. A phonics test is likely to mean that children don’t have meaning in their literacy activities.’


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