No Early Years Foundation Stage Profile League Tables?

No Early Years Foundation Stage Profile League Tables? Looks like public awareness-raising around the Early Years Foundation Stage League Tables may have met with success. See this Nursery World piece:

Don’t reach for the champagne just yet, though readers, I’m going to check and double-check this information first. In the meantime comments welcome.


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  1. That is, of course, great news in terms of the immediate future. But there’s a deeper and still worrying implication here. While the DfE spokesperson says that school league tables will not now happen, there is no reassurance about how the EYFSP is to be used. The Department’s initial proposal for league tables suggests that children’s profile ‘results’ will be monitored for their progress towards the government’s outcomes – measurable early success in literacy and numeracy – not for their intended purpose as a tool by which to celebrate each young child’s achievement and provide a helpful signpost for teachers in KS1. The EYFS was designed with children’s needs and outcomes in mind (see Wendy Scott’s comment on the petition); the government’s approach suggests that they’re not interested in this.

    What this implies is that EYFSP results are likely to form the basis for future policymaking that will be to the detriment of young children – probably at the beginning of a second term should the government or just the Tories win the next election. Use of the profile or any other form of information-gathering as a tool for policymaking is to be expected, and is one of the reasons why the profile was always problematic. I am now very concerned that it will be used to further political aims that are manifestly against the best interests of young children. This is all speculation and so very difficult to act on – potential league tables are much easier to protest against – but I urge everyone to keep their eyes firmly on this. With a stated government policy to have all children reading by age 6, young children have been targeted as the fall guys in the drive to fix low attainment levels further up in the school. Their freedoms are under attack.


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