International petition to Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds. Week Three. Early Day Motion 1285 Week Two.

The international petition “Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds” featured in the Times Educational Supplement this week. In just three weeks we have amassed over a thousand signatures, including those of nursery and head teachers and some very ‘big’ names.

In a time of savage cut backs to nursery services we’ve been asking how much such ill advised measures cost. The government has not yet provided the answer to my Freedom of Information Query of last week on School League Tables for Five Year Olds and the Reading Test for Six Year Olds. 

 However, in the meantime Helen Ward of the Times Educational Supplement had launched a Freedom of Information Act Query of her own on the reading tests for six year olds: 

 Both the reading test scheme and The league table idea features in the Coalition Education Business Plan – details of which came to light in November last year.

The reading test for six year olds has been much criticised by educationalists – amongst them Professor Greg Brooks an expert in synthetic phonics – who criticised it as a ‘waste of money’ (in another TES Helen-Ward-Times-Ed-article a few weeks ago) – you’ll find the article link mentioned in a previous post on this blog. Professor Brooks has signed the petition against “School League Tables for Five Year Olds”.

In response to the Times Ed. Freedom of Information Act Query, the government has refused to provide information about how much the ill-advised reading test would cost. In order to challenge this decision the person who lodged it would need to go through the appeal process – which could take years. National Association of Head Teacher’s General Secretary Russell Hobby commented in the  TES:

“Apparently, it is in the public interest to disclose the salaries of heads and when they’re off sick, but it is not in the public interest to disclose the cost of a test that people are very dubious about”.

Here is the link to that TES article in full: Department for Education  refuses to disclose cost of Year 1 reading test pilots.

The movement to “Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds” has also sparked Parliamentary Early Day Motion 1285 – with ten Member of Parliament signatures already. See this link:

We really need a debate in parliament on this one. It is time the Department of Education did their homework properly and stopped bullying young children, their parents and their teachers in this way.

  To get a debate in parliament we need to attain a third of M.P’s votes. So we need people at the grass roots to ask their M.P.’s to sign.

To find your M.P’s contact details follow this link:


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