Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds International Petition Day Eleven.

Here’s a wee post for anyone who might be just about to approach the head of their school to ask them to sign this petition to “Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds”. (I’m happy to report, our own head is supportive).

The official position of the National Association of Head Teachers reads as follows – on Foundation Stage Profile and Target Setting:

“The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) is a way of summing up each child`s development and learning achievement at the end of the Foundation Stage. It is based on ongoing observation and assessments in all 6 areas of learning and development. Its primary purpose is to provide Year I practitioners with reliable and accurate information about each child`s level of development at the end of the foundation stage. It is manifestly not a mechanism for outside bodies (LAs, SIPs, Ofsted) to use as a stick to berate a school`s performance or target setting procedures. It is therefore the use to which some outside bodies use such recorded information that is challenged…

…The FSP is for organising children`s learning, not target setting.The forthcoming NAA Report will recommend training for all stakeholders, particularly in the inappropriate use of profile data. There will also be inter-LA moderation conferences. (NAHT has asked for schools to be included in these)…Statement 2008

Could it just be that we have a united front on this one?

Sign the petition to Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds

Read the National Association of Head Teachers Press Statement in full here:

‘Big name’ signatory list to date – (approaching a thousand signatures in just over a week):

Michael Rosen, Caroline Lucas M.P., Margaret Morrisey O.B.E, (Parents Outloud), Dr. Penelope Leach, Oliver James, Susie Orbach, …Dr. Richard House, Margaret Edgington, Tim Gill (writer – former Director of the Children’s Play Council and seconded to Whitehall to lead the first ever Government-sponsored review of children’s play) , Sue Palmer, Neil Henty (Editor of Early Years Educator Magazine EYE), Clare Sambrook (Journalist), Dr. Jan Georgeson (Early Years Lecturer Univ. of Gloucester), Professor Kevin Brehony (Prof of Early Childhood at Roehampton University), Professor Stephen Sterling, Melian Mansfield, Dr. Murray White, Dr. James D’Angelo, David Lorimer (Director, Sci. And Medical network), Professor Greg Brooks, Marion Dowling (a former HMI and President of Early Education now a Vice President).

Lydia Keyte – Chair of the National Charity What about the Children? and Jane Reddish, Trustee.

Sue Greenfield – Senior Lecturer Early Childhood Studies Roehampton University


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Frances Laing on January 17, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Thank you Pat, I’ve included this in a new post. Hoping for more news on the petition soon.
    Best from me


  2. The league tables are not the only threat to young children’s experiences in school. A primary headteacher told me this morning that the proposals would also include immediate ‘remedial’ lessons at the beginning of Year 1 for young children who don’t hit the required literacy targets at the end of the Foundation Stage.


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