Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds. International Petition Launch. Day Ten.

Day ten of the international petition launch: Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds. Here is a quick round up of just some of the ‘famous name’ signatories we have so far – (to date approaching a thousand signatures in just over a week):

Michael Rosen, Caroline Lucas M.P., Margaret Morrisey O.B.E, (Parents Outloud), Dr. Penelope Leach, Oliver James, Susie Orbach, …Dr. Richard House, Margaret Edgington, Tim Gill (writer – former Director of the Children’s Play Council and seconded to Whitehall to lead the first ever Government-sponsored review of children’s play) , Sue Palmer, Neil Henty (Editor of Early Years Educator Magazine EYE), Clare Sambrook (Journalist), Dr. Jan Georgeson (Early Years Lecturer Univ. of Gloucester), Professor Kevin Brehony (Prof of Early Childhood at Roehampton University), Professor Stephen Sterling, Melian Mansfield, Dr. Murray White, Dr. James D’Angelo, David Lorimer (Director, Sci. And Medical network), Professor Greg Brooks, Marion Dowling (a former HMI and President of Early Education now a Vice President).

Lydia Keyte – Chair of the National Charity What about the Children? and Jane Reddish, Trustee.

Sue Greenfield – Senior Lecturer Early Childhood Studies Roehampton University.

Personally, leaving these important people to one side for one moment – I was heartened to see names of fellow mums, dads and carers of our own school appearing on the list. Thanks for your support folks, on the petition and at the school gate. Watch this space.

If you haven’t already please sign the international petition to stop school league tables for five year olds – there is space to leave a comment. Thank you.


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