Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds. International petition Day Seven. Talking Money.

The international petition to Stop School League for Five Year Olds goes from strength to strength.

I’ve got a question for the readers and/signatories/consultants of this blog: it would be really useful for myself (and other journos) to find out exactly how much money gathering the school league table data for five year olds would cost. Are there any school consultants or early years consultants out there who would be kind enough to provide me with a ball park figure (on a pro bono basis). That way, I’d be able to pass this information on to the general public via this blog.

Oh – and I think the public would like to know how much those much-criticised Reading Tests at age six cost too. You know – the ones proposed in the coalition business plan. So if there is anyone out there who could provide an estimate, could you let us have it? I could start guessing – let me see – £100,000 for the league tables and £100,000 for the reading tests. Is that widely out? Whatever the figure is, shouldn’t we be spending that money on something more useful?

I’d like to ask the government for this information – but my own experience in the past has been that my emails don’t get responses. Perhaps they’re afraid of the mother of a five year old. I suppose I can be quite scary at times… Still, with nearly a 1000 signatories on this petition in the first week – they might start listening now, eh – in case some Westminster press office is reading this…do get in touch and set me straight…

Thanks folks.

Here is that petition link again:

International petition to stop school league tables for five year olds.

Check back on this blog later today as I’m compiling a list of the big name signatories.


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