League tables for five year olds. Gove and co. what on earth are they doing?

Did anyone ask parents how they feel about the stupid and demeaning plan to create league tables for five year olds? Not enough that our family  housing is endangered, our jobs are threatened and almost every aspect of our children’s future has now been rendered uncertain – but we are now expected to rob our own children of the last vestiges of freedom to learn that they can still experience in the early years of primary school.

Not enough that the best early years educational experts internationally have criticised the English Early Years Education system and the Early Years Foundation Stage Learning and Development Requirements.

The government promised a review of the system which should have taken these criticisms into account. Many childminders, parents, early years educationalists and carers spent a great deal of time formulating their responses. From where we are standing the review now looks like a complete sham. As I’ve said before “EYFS review = a cover for the cuts”.  

Start to read more about why government league tables for five year olds are such a bad idea at this TES link.

League tables for five year olds


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