Coming soon to a school near you? Academies and the anti-academies alliance.

The Chester and District Standard reported today that the anti-academy alliance group at a local secondary school (Christleton High School) have lost their battle to stop their school becoming an academy.

David Robinson a spokesperson for the Cheshire West Anti-Academies campaign has been quoted in the Chester Chronicle. He said he was ‘not surprised but disappointed’ by the move…“I am clearly disappointed with the outcome because it’s been done with indecent haste with no public consultation, largely behind closed doors.”

“It’s anti-democratic and threatens the stability of our  schools in future.”

Mr Robinson, whose two children both attended the school, expressed dismay the school would neither officially confirm nor deny its decision on Friday despite it being ‘a public decision, a public building and public money’.

He added: “It makes it difficult to plan a decent range of schools for local kids because if one school leaves local authority control it starts to make its decisions on its own without considering other young children in the broader area.”

Parents should rightly be concerned about the impact such a move will have on the funding and organisation of their own schools as well as what effect this move will have on early years provision.

There are things we can do to access more information:

Firstly follow these links to access the anti-academies alliance website with information about schools which have successfully fought an academy plan and won. There is also a list of schools which are putting academy plans forward right now:

Anti-academies alliance

Secondly – if you can – get yourself along to tonight’s public meeting to be held in the Chester Guild Hall on Watergate Street at 7.30 p.m. CH1 2LA

The Meeting is organised by the West Cheshire TUC and marks the creation of the Cheshire West Against the Cuts” – they say:

“West Cheshire has called a public meeting to launch the campaign to defend our jobs and services. Join us to fight against the cuts in local jobs and services and defend our community. Everybody is welcome bring a friend”.

Here is the TUC North West website link:

and one of the Chester Chronicle reports on Christleton High School and the Academy Plan.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by catkin on January 5, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Wrapped up in Orwellian Newspeak, the Academies initiative is simply a tool to smash the Conservatives sworn enemies – unions and local authorities. Simultaneously,it will concentrate power in the hands of central government and generate profits for private businesses from the publicly funded education system. The standards of education that will be delivered to all our children in the future have become an irrelevance in this highly-politicised move.


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