Early Years Foundation Stage. Election Packages.

Early Years Foundation Stage. Election Package.

So. There we have it. My ‘in’ box is spilling over with press releases from every organisation I can think of.

It seems many of us are considering how we can make our voices heard in the (carefully orchestrated) media mayhem which is the general election.
The teaching unions appear to have voted in favour of a Sats boycott, to take place on May 10th – just days after the next government is due to come into power.
Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said national tests for 10- and 11- year olds “contravene the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child”. Sats reduced children to “little bundles of measurable outputs trained in a mechanistic model of education” she said.
The media at large hasn’t yet got to grips with the fact that the Early Years Foundation Stage learning and development requirements contain a similarly potentially destructive dynamic. They are far worse than Sats – in my view simply because they are being imposed on very young children, some of whom can’t even speak yet.
A bunch of professors have got their act together on education and written a lengthy letter in the Times Educational Supplement. Personally, I always wondered why there seemed to be a huge rift between what prominent early years educational researchers were saying and what the government was doing – until I realised that the government simply wasn’t listening.
Now, the profs in question are trying to MAKE them listen  – by demanding a new, independent research body.  See the link at the end of this post.
My own little bundle fended off any attempts to be “measured” today, thank goodness. She elected to paint this treasures box with the drawers closed whilst singing to herself for an hour or so. When the box was dry we couldn’t get the drawers open. No matter.
Read the Profs TES letter at this link:

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