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Does the Early Years Foundation Stage really reach the most vulnerable?

Does the Early Years Foundation Stage really reach the most vulnerable? For some time now, I’ve had questions about whether this is really the case.

I spoke to some of the women hunger strikers at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre at the weekend. I don’t think I’m ever going to forget what they said about the conditions in which they are living right now. I asked the mothers about the education of their children. The Home Office has only recently stopped transporting the children in cages. I have very little information about what sort of nursery provision they have. Do they have Early Years Foundation Stage Welfare Provision? If not, why not? 

 The interviews and the article I wrote have been published in “The Friend” the international Quaker Journal. See these links: Voices from Yarl’s Wood and Yarl’s Wood Hunger Strike – a matter of conscience. For information about how to support the women and children through action, see my newsblog: for ideas.


DCSF staff expenses cost tax payers more than 7 million

Headline in Children and Young People’s Now today. DCSF  staff expenses cost tax payers more than 7 million.

Einstein never used flashcards. The Open Eye Early Years Conference 2010

Just received notification of this fascinating Open Early Years Conference called: “The Child – the true foundation”.

See  this link: