Keeping Children Safe on the Internet

Parents are not usually pleased to see a police car on the school run. But today a smiling copper was handing out leaflets to publicise a new website which helps keep children safe online. It’s called ‘Think you Know’ and is backed by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

It’s a mistaken belief that critics of the Early Years Foundation Stage are not concerned about welfare and safety. Campaigners (and campaigning journalists) object to the sixty-nine learning and development requirements but we support the welfare and health and safety elements of the programme.

If you’re a parent, a trainer or a teacher, the new CEOP web site has something to offer you and some great resources aimed at different age groups. Here’s the link.

Sometimes it takes a good while to raise awareness. Last year I raised some issues around internet security, photographs and facebook with nursery staff and Ofsted itself. At the time I felt I was getting on people’s nerves, but I’m glad I did that now as there’s been a concrete and positive outcome to the story. Let’s hope we have similar successes with educating our local authorities and our government about the need to downgrade the Learning and Development requirements to recommendations only.

I’m working almost exclusively on the Internet, right now so I’m confronted with issues of internet security on a regular basis.  For more discussion on this, see the article I wrote a few months ago: Child Safety and the Internet.


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