Reader responses to Early Years Exemption ‘Challenge’

And another one – this time from Arthur. Arthur – I’ve lifted your words out of the comments section as they really do hit certain nails on the head…thanks for the feedback. F.

Arthur says:

 “All well and good, except that you probably won’t be able to find another school within the state system that is prepared to accept an exempt child and is close enough for you.

When Tony Blair said his government’s priorities would be “Education, Education, Education!”, we all thought he meant more books, equipment and teachers and smaller class sizes. How wrong we were. Instead, we get a large army of civil servants producing reams of rules and regulations about how children should be taught and the things they should be able to do by a certain age and a small army of inspectors making sure that the schools and child care providers follow those rules.

I suppose we couldn’t really expect anything else from an over ambitious accountant and his probation officer side kick (who has now been replaced by a career politician with a reputation for not listening to objections).”


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