Reader responses to Early Years Exemption ‘Challenge’

As readers can imagine, it has been a tough day in some ways (received the letter which confirmed that our parental exemption request has been rejected see previous post) , so I was really pleased to receive this reader comment from Hazel. We really appreciate your comment Hazel, thank you very much for your thoughtful support.

Hazel’s comment:

I applaud your decision to challenge the EYFS . I just read your article in the Friend this morning. I have this week retired from childminding( I am 61 and parent of three grown-up children). I felt really bogged down in paperwork and it is a great relief not to have to face another Ofsted visit.
I think the idea of child initiated play is right and is what I learned about when I trained as a nursery nurse in the 1960’s but the detail is just mind boggling.
I notice you also have an interest in breastfeeding, I am a La Leche League leader in Cheshire.

I wish you all the best for this challenge you have undertaken



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