Early Years Foundation Stage – Articles in ‘The Friend’ – international, independent Quaker journal

Look out for an article and a news piece I’ve written for The Friend about The Early Years Foundation Stage and our request for parental exemption to the compulsory learning and development requirements (on ethical, philosophical, moral, religious and political grounds) on our child’s behalf.

 The articles should appear in this week’s edition. This international journal is an independent, Quaker journal and has existed since the 1800s. It goes out to subscribers – both online and in print – and you can see it in Quaker Meeting Houses and libraries.

Wiki gives us some background about the ‘The Friend’ magazine:

“It is the only Quaker weekly in the world, and has been published continuously since 1843. It began as a monthly, but after a few years it became a weekly. It is one of the oldest continuously published publications in the world still in operation. Others (e.g. Punch) which began publication before The Friend have had lengthy interruptions in publication and/or have closed down.

The Friend is completely independent from Britain Yearly Meeting, although for the past few years it has occupied space in Friends House. It is owned by The Friend Publications Ltd., a trust which also publishes Friends Quarterly. The Trustees of The Friend are appointed from members of Britain Yearly Meeting.

The Trustees appoint the Editor who, along with the other members of staff, is entirely responsible for the day to day management of the magazine, and its content.

As an independent publication, The Friend is free to report critically on trends within Quakerism in Britain and around the world, and on the governance of Britain Yearly Meeting. It also reports on the activities of Friends and Friends’ groups and it is a forum for theological debate. There is a great deal of opinion in the magazine, and the letters page provides a forum for readers to express their views.”


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  1. Posted by Hazel on September 18, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    I appluad your decision to challenge the EYFS . I just read your article in the Friend this morning. I have this week retired from childminding( I am 61 and parent of three grown-up children). I felt really bogged down in paperwork and it is a great releif not to have to face another ofsted visit.
    I think the idea of child initiated play is right and is what I learned about when I trained as a nursery nurse in the 1960’s but the detail is just mind boggling.
    I notice you also have an interest in breastfeeding, Iam a La LecheLeague leader in Cheshire.

    I wish you all the best for this challenge you have undertaken



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