E-Petition: EYFS Exemptions for Childminders

This petition has been in existence a good while but readers only have until September 20th. to sign it. Mrs. Sally Jones, the creator of the petition explains:

4000 childminders have quit in the last year. This coincides with the introduction of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Most principles of EYFS are easily achieved, but the paperwork needed to prove this is staggering. The same rules apply to childminders as to nurseries. These significantly different settings should have separate rules. Childminders’ homes are not educational establishments, there is no need for assessments to be made on the children. Until a child attends school it should be their parents’ job to assess them. EYFS states the need for consistency between early years settings. This defies the slogan ‘Choice for Parents, the best start for children’,and removes choice. People choose childminders because they want a relaxed, home environment for their children. The requirements of EYFS directly oppose this. Childminders do need regulations, but this system is too much to expect of them. If a child is safe and happy that is enough. Childminders are understandably frustrated and are leaving in their droves. The knock on effect of this is that children are going to have to change carer multiple times which is surely not an ideal situation.

To sign the petition – follow this link to go to the 10 Downing Street site:



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