Early Years Foundation Stage. Comments and Criticisms.

The debate continues and I now have the comments section restored. Many thanks to Lucy Giffen, who has contributed once again to this important debate. Lucy’s comments (and other comments) can be found by checking the comments section which follows each post. My response is highlighted below:

“Thanks for your comments Lucy. Needless to say I don’t agree with most of them – but shall welcome the opportunity to pick up on points like these as part of the general debate on EYFS and children’s welfare in future blog posts over the coming months so this is just a short initial response to say I’ve read them.

Writing this blog has been a huge challenge. Not least because as a mother and a journalist there are important issues of privacy, ethics and public interest involved. I make decisions to set (and re-set) clear boundaries about what I say, (and would not say) about my child and my family. These decisions may not be apparent to all readers but they are conscious acts. I do this no doubt with varying degees of success.

Readers concerned about the welfare of my child please note the following. I did have an awareness that the words I was using to decribe my child were a kind of ’shorthand’ – that’s the reason I placed these words in inverted commas. The meeting did not take place at the council – but in a comfy office at the school and as I mentioned in the post – I had prepared very well and had brought along a large box of craft supplies for her to use. The meeting (which would have been an hour in duration if our local authority rep. had not been late) was followed by a family visit to a green space…we thought it best to stay together on that occasion as a family on one of our days off and I believe this was the best thing for us.

For reasons of public interest – and due to the nature of blogging – I describe a small part of our everyday experiences here – I believe these experiences are important – I’m not aware that anyone has trod this particular path before. They are, however as I have said – ‘edited’ – for reasons of privacy.

This blog is not about me, or my family – whether or not an individual parent feels stressed, guilty…e.t.c. It concerns the ways in which what the government is doing impacts most, or all families. In that sense I am trying to draw out experiences which are common to many people in different circumstances to ours.

Of course, every problem that occurs with health and welfare is multi-factoral. Child obesity. Junk food advertising. A lack of spaces to play. It’s all connected.

The consensus I am seeing so far is that the issues and particular problems which are the focus of this blog are not created or fostered by a single individual. They’re not simply problems of parental ’style’, personal preference, or issues of individual training needs. And there appears to be a huge need to air these issues, as I have already witnessed in the feedback I have received so far.

The issues are problems with the system. That appears to be my fundamental disagreement with your views and the reason why I’ll come back to the points you raise – not here in the comments section – but in the main body of the blog in what I see is a broader context”. (F.L)


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