On Morals and the EYFS

Consider the following by Emmanuel Levinas. On morals

Morality means being-for (not merely being – aside – or even being – with) the Other. To take a moral stance means to assume responsibility for the Other; To act on the assumption that the well being of the Other is a precious thing calling for my effort to preserve and enhance it, that whatever I do, or do not do affects it, that if I have not done it, it might not have been done at all, and even if others do or can do it, this does not cancel my responsibility for doing it myself…

 And this being-for is unconditional (that is, if it is to be moral, not merely contractual) – it does not depend on what the Other is, or does, whether she or he deserves my care or repays it in kind. One cannot conceive of an argument that could justify the renouncing of moral responsibility – putting it in cold storage, lending or pawning.

And one cannot imagine a point at which one could say with any sort of moral right: “I have done my share, and here my responsibility ends”.


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