How to select the right pre-school for your child

I’m very happy to say – despite the stress of recent events – I’m still feeling very creative. There’s no sign of the dreaded ‘writer’s block’!

One of the international websites I write for (called Helium) helps a great deal. Heliumis based in the States and has a huge, global audience. It’s inspiring to communicate across the globe so well and so fast. Helium is also a great place to build a web presence and get up to speed with what’s happening in Internet publishing and the transition from print to digital generally. I’ve written a short piece today which blog readers may like to see. It’s called:

How to select the right pre-school for your child.

Toward the end of this practical ‘how-to’ piece I found myself hinting at how the British government’s insistence on statutory learning and development goals for EYFS is in fact counter-productive. They want to encourage more parents to take up early years ‘education’ but I’m coming across increasing numbers of parents who are making the decision to keep their child away from nursery or school until the age of five because of what the government is doing.

It’s quite enlightening to exchange with other writers and journalists on an international level about parenting and education.If you’re writing on the web – you use special techniques to get your message across more effectively. It’s more tiring to read text on screen – so you need shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs and perhaps the most important thing of all – you need readers. Sounds obvious – but there are hundreds of blogs out there, so how you write, whether or not you make good use of Search Optimisation Techniques like key words, carefully chosen blog post titles and tags can really make a difference.

Either there must be a huge need for a discourse on these topics, or I’m getting better at these things! I started this blog on the 4th. August (less than a month ago) and already we’ve had over 800 visitors to the site. If things carry on like this that means we’re heading for 10,000 blog readers a year at least. Good news! Tell your friends. Find out more on how to publicise a blog (and get better search engine rankings) by reading this.

If readers would like to comment on any of my early years Helium articles – feel free. Helium has a facility whereby articles can be improved, edited and ‘leapfrogged’ – of course I try to get it right first time, but I also endeavor to engage with your views…


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