Early Years Foundation Stage – exemption songs

Family Portrait.

Family Portrait.

Rain. A short post. We are due to meet the headmistress of our child’s future school later today. The government has made the process of requesting an exemption for your child difficult to understand and stressful. I don’t know of any other parents who have tried.

I find the whole idea of even having to ask and argue for one completely preposterous – when the evidence is clearly not there to back the learning goals elements of the EYFS system up anyway. Readers who wish to see what we wrote in our letter, click here. Will keep you ‘posted’


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  1. […] I suppose I came close to expletives yesterday (see my comments after the Guardian piece) when I read that the 69 targets were to be cut to just 17. In the year in which my daughter started in reception class – we lodged a request for a parental exemption for our child. I understand we were the only parents in England to do so. It was very clear to us that there were too many learning and development requirements – in the exemption interview we were asked to voice our objections to all of them. All sixty-nine of them. We thought this was a ridiculous request and a mechanism which simply served to silence dissent. The exemption process for parents is tortuous and I’ve documented it in some detail. See previous posts.   […]


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