Early Years Foundation Stage – Exemption Meeting

Back home now after the meeting about the exemption request. Two school staff present and a representative from the local authority. The L.A. rep. was half an hour late, so I found a broadband connection and the five of us (school staff, my child, my other half and myself) took the opportunity to watch the ‘Open Eye’ video – ‘Too Much Too Soon’.

The meeting was extremely hard work but hopefully constructive. It lasted over an hour and my daughter played quietly with a box of crayons and pipe cleaners until it ended.

Obviously I can’t write about everything that was said, but I’ll be reflecting on the ‘meat’ of it over the next few months – many of the points raised are highly relevant for parents and early years practitioners.

The L.A. rep said that it is up to the school(or setting)  – to make the final decision on this, and the paperwork would then go through the relevant local authority committees. School is due to start in two weeks, and we’re all ready, so we hope to get a positive decision before then. The L.A. representative seemed to indicate that the process may be an extremely lengthy one – I was assertive and said that given the circumstances, I felt that anything more than six weeks would be unreasonable. We shall see.

We must be the first parents in our county to do this and have therefore set a precedent with this meeting. I’d love to know how many other parents have requested exemptions and what happened. I suggested the local authority produce a booklet explaining how to go about requesting an exemption…

 We were asked what we would do if the answer is a ‘no’. This, I explained in the meeting – is a matter for reflection. Time for an ice cream and a break in the sunshine…

Update: I’ve just read this blog post to my (very astute) other half (returning from the park) – so there’s a correction to this post: apparently final ratification of any exemption granted by the school is up to central and not local government. Names of committees mentioned that the exemption has to go through I can’t remember…but will find out and keep readers posted).


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