Early Years Foundation Stage – Exemption Songs

SL272767I’m putting the exemption request for our child in the post box this evening.

We’ve decided to share this information as we feel describing the process in this way may help other parents and children. Here is the body of the final text for your information:

 Re:  Exemption from EYFS Learning and Development Goals

I have kept the following formal statement/application brief and succinct, but there is of course a wealth of literature to back up our principled position, which I can and will furnish you with if necessary/helpful/appropriate. 

After much consideration and for ethical, educational, moral, philosophical, religious and political reasons my husband and I find ourselves unable to support government policy on the EYFS Learning and Development Goals – and the ways in which the government is seeking to implement the Early Years Programme in this regard.

 We would therefore like our child to be excluded from the Learning and Development Goals elements of this scheme and trust that this decision will in no way affect the quality of her care. 

We join the thousands of other parents who have signed the parliamentary petition which opposes these measures.  

Many thanks: Frances Laing

Copy Ends

I’m not sure what is going to happen at this point now – but we have a meeting to discuss this next week.


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